Sustainable Innovation

As farmers, we consider ourselves stewards of the land. That’s why sustainability is a daily commitment in our groves.

All groves and harvest crews are Global Food Safety Initiative (GFSI) certified, the most stringent food safety certification available.

  • We employ drip irrigation and fan jets so our trees receive only as much water as they need.
  • We minimize pesticide use in favor of more environmentally safe alternatives.
  • Minimizing soil erosion is a top priority.
  • Wind machines help stabilize temperature in the winter to prevent frost damage.

Our Wonderful® Halos® mandarin plant reinforces our commitment to innovation, operational excellence and clean technology. Nearly every aspect of the facility is industry leading. Up to 40% of the plant’s power comes from “green energy” generation.

Its roof is home to a 2.7 MW solar plant that generates 15% of the power for the plant and gives us the distinction of being the largest commercially owned solar plant in the U.S. When fully installed, the 1.0MW fuel cell will supply an additional 25% of the power. Together, they provide clean energy for both of our California facilities, producing electricity directly from natural gas without combustion.

How We Grow

How We Grow

From innovation to sustainable practices, we ensure that our citrus is ripe, tasty and ready to eat.

One-Stop Shop

One Stop Shop

We grow, pack and ship a large variety of citrus around the world, all year long.