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Where can I find Wonderful Citrus products in grocery stores?

In the produce section.

Can I buy Wonderful Citrus products online?

Our varieties are perishable products that can be easily damaged through direct-to-consumer shipping. Look for Wonderful Citrus products at your favorite retailer.

Where can I buy Wonderful Citrus products in the U.S.?

In the produce section of many major grocery, mass, and club retailers.

Are Wonderful Citrus products available in Canada?

Yes. Retailers include Loblaws, Sobeys, Safeway, Metro/A&P, Walmart Canada and Costco. The best way to ensure that our varieties are in your store is to ask your retailer.

How can I purchase Wonderful Citrus products for my business?

Please use the “Sales Request” form available through this link.

Does Wonderful Citrus sell their citrus plants?

Most of our varieties are proprietary. Our plants and seeds are not for sale.

Where is Wonderful Citrus headquartered?

Our corporate headquarters are in Delano, California. In addition we have a full-service packing facility and sales team based in Mission, Texas, and operations in Mexico and Chicago, Illinois.

Are tours of Wonderful Citrus available to the public?

Unfortunately, we are not able to offer tours of our orchards or packing houses. However, by trying our fresh citrus, you too can experience the wholesome goodness of our farms.

Whom do I contact for press, media and blogger inquiries?

Please go to our contact us page and select PR: Consumer or PR: Corporate from the drop-down menu to submit any inquiries.

Can Wonderful Citrus ship directly to the consumer?

Wonderful Citrus doesn’t sell or ship directly to consumers. You can find our premium citrus in grocery and club stores around the country. Please visit Where to Buy to find a list of retailers that carry Wonderful Citrus throughout the year.


Does Wonderful Citrus grow its own citrus?

Wonderful Citrus is the largest vertically integrated citrus company in the world. We grow over 70% of our citrus and harvest, process and pack all of our varieties.

Where does Wonderful Citrus grow their products?

Wonderful Citrus varieties are grown throughout Central California, Texas and Mexico. To find out more about the exact locations where citrus is grown, click here.


Does Wonderful Citrus currently have any job openings?

To view a listing of our current opportunities, visit the Careers section of our website.

How can I submit my résumé for a job posting?

Go to the Careers page and click on Open Positions. Follow the instructions for submitting your résumé and application online.

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