Wonderful Agricultural Management

Whether it’s managing or developing orchards, Wonderful Agricultural Management is equipped to make your economic goals a reality.


Farm Management
Wonderful™ Agricultural Management oversees a wide variety of crops on fields ranging from less than 100 acres to several thousand, all with personalized management and an eye toward maximizing grower return. Our size and structure enables us to achieve significant savings for owners and investors, while our staff keeps pace with the latest innovations in farming and farm management. Combined with our expertise in pruning, harvesting, pest management and horticulture, Wonderful Agricultural Management is uniquely qualified to enhance the profitability of your enterprise.

Farm Development
Wonderful Agricultural Management specializes in developing orchards and vineyards with expertise that can make your economic goals a reality. No matter the size of your operation, we can be as involved as you like, offering everything from site evaluations to complete turnkey operations.

Commercial Nursery
With our state-of-the-art commercial nursery, Wonderful Agricultural Management proudly grows premium-quality trees for all of our farming operations – the same trees that have been available to citrus and pistachio growers since the 1960s.

Consulting Services
At Wonderful Agricultural Management our professional staff includes leaders in the science of Integrated Pest Management (IPM). Every pest control decision made by our in-house Pest Control Advisors is made with a commitment to maximizing return on investment. Areas of expertise include:

Agricultural Practices

Pest Control

  • Pest monitoring (entomology, pathology and weeds)
  • Inspections conducted as frequently as needed


  • Administer, review and interpret laboratory analyses
  • Develop fertilizer schedule (foliar and ground)
  • Soil, tissue and water sampling


  • Develop water needs model and irrigation schedule for proper timing and quantity
  • Soil probing and moisture metering
  • Irrigation system efficiency testing


  • Outline pruning schedule
  • Develop planting directions
  • General horticultural advice


  • Standard problem solving
  • Specific incident investigations available on demand

Business Services

Financial/Business Plan Analysis

Wonderful Agricultural Management provides down-to-earth analysis on potential properties or redevelopment projects for tree and vine crops. Available services:

  • Production / Revenue projections
  • Cultural cost analysis
  • Cash flow modeling
  • Advanced financial modeling
  • Capital requirement analysis

Land Acquisition/Feasability Study

  • Assistance in locating properties for development
  • Feasibility assessment of properties for permanent plantings

Contact Information

Office Address:
39639 Ave 10, Madera, CA 93636         

Mailing address:
P.O. Box 3347, Pinedale, California 93650

Phone Number:
(559) 437-2600