Shipping and Delivery

We operate the largest citrus shipping platform in North America. With dozens of docking stations, we are able to meet all of our customers’ logistical needs. Each facility has on-site weigh scales to ensure truck capacity is maximized. The company headquarters and sales department are attached to both the Delano, California, and Mission, Texas, facilities, directly connecting the sales team to the quality of our fruit. In addition to our Delano and Mission packing facilities, we have a forward distribution center in Chicago.


Wonderful Citrus can provide all of your transportation needs. We have an in-house transportation staff that is ready to serve you. This team services all regions of the U.S. as well as export markets. Delivered orders can vary in size from one-pallet orders to full truckloads. Our dedicated carriers provide reliable and affordable service.

For more information, please contact our shipping offices:



Delano, CA – Wonderful Citrus HQ

Wonderful Halos Mandarins Packinghouse

1701 South Lexington Street

Delano, CA 93215



Wonderful Citrus Oranges and Lemons Packinghouse

1901 South Lexington Street

Delano, CA 93215



Mission, Texas – Wonderful Citrus Texas HQ

Wonderful Citrus

4000 East Goodwin Road

Mission, Texas 78574

(956) 205-7377







Sustainable Innovation

Sustainable Innovation

Non-GMO & GAP-certified. And we always practice sustainable agriculture.

Our Promise

Our Promise

We aim to provide the safest, freshest quality citrus today and tomorrow.