Nicknamed “The Honeybell” because of its bell shape, the Minneola tangelo is a cross between a tangerine and a grapefruit. Its large size and slightly elongated “neck” make it easy to recognize. The most popular of the tangelos, seedless Minneolas are brimming with sweetly tart juice.

  • Key Attributes of Minneolas

    • Sweet with a mild tartness
    • Juicy and have relatively few, if any seeds
    • Bright reddish-orange color and easy-to-peel skin
    • Slightly bell shaped with a protruding nose at the stem-end neck
    • Available January through April


  • 2–4 squeezed Minneolas = 1 cup of juice

  • 1 medium Minneola = 4 teaspoons of zest

  • Consumer freshly squeezed juice within 48 hours.

How to Enjoy

  • Peel and eat for a quick and easy snack on the go!

  • Incorporate the juice into your favorite cocktail.

  • Toss in slices with any salad to add color, sweetness and extra nutrition.

  • Bake into cakes for added exotic flavor.

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